Why have your event filmed?

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Why have your event filmed?

Event filming is really popular for large events that require a great deal of planning and organising. At some events, like a conference for example, there can be so much quality content being shared, that it would be a shame not to capture it so that it can be fully utilised. Filming talks and discussion panels can be a great resource for the future and be shared online to attract audiences that are interested in the topic.

Capture all of the details at an event.┬áThere’s a lot that goes into planning an event. Make sure that all of those little details are caught on camera like the food, freebies and people having a good time. These details can be edited into a short promotional video that can be shared on Youtube and Instagram. It can attract people to attend your next event.

With video, you can hear as well as see what is going on. The video really captures the atmosphere of the event, maybe even more so than photographs can.

The video can be sent to people that couldn’t attend so that they don’t miss out on vital information. The marketing for the event can go on well past the event date when you film the event.

You can use the video to promote future events. When you come to host another event, you have marketing materials ready to use and show what it will be like.

Different edits can be used for various audiences and platforms. There are so many platforms that you can make the most of now. It’s not just about the main website. You can also utilise Youtube, Instagram and Vimeo.

View our Portfolio page for some examples.

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