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My experience in the film industry in NYC & the UK has given me the skills to produce films from script to screen. I run projects with efficiency whilst keeping the process enjoyable. I have worked on Channel 4’s Come Dine with Me, the BBC’s drama, Apparitions, and on American feature films, 2B and Harold.

My transatlantic contacts allow me to access a great wealth of knowledge and experience to further film projects and give them ‘legs’.


Conscience (2014) Producer 

Written and directed by Shaun Bond. Currently in post-production.

Film still from Conscience

Exam Results Day (2013) – Producer/Director 

Sci-fi film adapted from a short story by Mike Jackson. 

Screened at the Portobello Film Festival 

Exam Results Day
On the set of Exam Results Day

Devil’s Dosh (2011) – Associate Producer

American film by L.A writer/director Zachary Guerra. Drama set in post WWII, East London

Devil's Dosh
Devil’s Dosh

We Happy Few (2011) – Producer

A Geof Wolfenden film. This drama short was shot in Derbyshire. Screened at Kino Shorts. 

We Happy Few

God’s Guilty Conscience (2010) – Producer

Drama short screened at Kino Festival. Directed by Denis Crampton. 

God's Guilty Conscience
God’s Guilty Conscience

Sertoli, Sertoli, Sertoli (2009) – Producer

Sci -fi comedy short shown at Cannes Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival. Directed by Adam Wright and Owen Williams.

The Existential Zombie BBQ (2007)  – Producer

Short zombie comedy by Ronni Thomas. Shot in NYC.

The Head Shop (2006) – Producer

Short comedy set in NYC’s Chinatown shown at Raindance Film Festival & Coney Island Film Festival. Directed by Ronni Thomas. 


First Time Loser (2012) – Producer

Music based drama feature set in 1962 written and directed by Joe Scott and Ace Films. Made in Liverpool.

First Time Loser

Act of Grace (2008) – Line Producer

Thriller feature film with Embrace Productions. Filmed in North West England. Shown at Berlinale Festival. 

Act of Grace


Through working with talented film industry professionals, GOSH! has been able to produce a slate of diverse, thought provoking and entertaining films. 

We are continuing to make films that excite, appeal to mass audiences and are commercially viable, We always looking for sponsors and investors to be involved in our up and coming film projects.