Planning your video production

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video production planning

Planning your video production

Video production planning is key to a successful project that meets requirements and is on schedule. When considering a video production, it’s wise to have a clear idea of what you want. This helps in the planning process, filming and post production. When you have a clear idea of how you see your video looking and the message that you want to get across, it makes the process a lot smoother and you are more likely to get a video that works for you and your business.

Planning is always a key factor to a successful video.  It can be tempting to skip ahead and get to the ‘fun’ part of filming or you could be in a hurry to get a video live to coninside with the launch of a product or an event. However, the video will have more impact if it is planned and executed properly.

When planning for a video production consider these elements;

Who are you aiming at?

It’s important to consider who your audience is so that you can evaluate what they will want to watch. You want to make content that is going to appeal to the target audience.

What is your message?

You need to keep your key message in mind when planning a production so that you don’t dilute what you’re trying to say.  Don’t bombard your audience with a lot of information that they won’t be able to take in.

Where will your video be distributed?

Will your video be shown at a busy event where sound won’t be crucial or will it be shown online where it needs to be kept short and to the point? The distribution of the video can have an impact on how people will watch your video and therefore what needs to be emphasised in the production.

What are your competitors doing?

Have a look at what similar businesses are doing with their video marketing.  You may get some ideas on what you could include and even avoid. This can help in defining what kind of a video you want to make.

What deadlines do you have?

If you have a tight deadline, bear in mind that you need to allow time for editing and making any changes. Make sure that you allow enough time to make the video and adjust it if needed.

What budget do you have to work with?

There is no point asking for something that you cannot afford. Make sure that you get the most out of your budget but not to have unrealistic expectations.

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